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Launched in 2020, is a streaming service consisting of curated playlist collections and the latest top-pick tunes for the soul music connoisseur. Enjoy classic and new audio gems across the soul diaspora!

Mission Statement:


The mission of is to provide a dynamic destination for music lovers across the globe to share a passion for music and culture across the soul diaspora.

Vision Statement:


We envision a world where quality music should not necessarily be defined by commercial popularity and record sales statistics. Listening to great music is a “soul-stirring” experience that shapes our human emotions and identity. Digging for the perfect audio gem to add to that lovely music collection can be time-consuming for the average listener; therefore, commercially popular music often becomes a default. At we strive to create a sustainable community-based music platform emerging all levels of talented soul music artists with insightful DJs, tastemakers, and highly-engaged music lovers. We are in the business of spreading love through good music! was founded by DJ Aisha Karimah.  For decades, DJ Aisha Karimah has curated music and mixes in a different formats from eight- tracks to cassettes to digital mixes and playlists. Each playlist is humanly crafted by an ear for soulful sonic vibrations and compiled with love. DJ Aisha Karimah knows the value of "digging in the crates" searching for the perfect beat and bringing aspects of sound griot traditions to listeners across worldwide digital platforms.



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